Reconnect brand audience, KFC is not clucking around
15 Aug
KFC Is Not Clucking Around

Crossing New Roads to a Reconnect a Brand Audience When you become a professional chef at 40 years old and franchise your first restaurant...

insights mad men – great ideas span across generations
04 Aug
Insights from the Real ‘Mad Men’

What would Ogilvy, Burnett, and Bernbach Say Now? Exactly What They Said Then. Every fan of Mad Men knows that the ’60s brought unprecedented...

05 Jul
Finding the Right “One”

It has to be just right. Whether you’re talking about a product name, tagline, or a theme that is something on which everyone will...

Brands sharpen focus on the core audience
22 Jun
Why Brands Need to Their Sharpen Focus

You Can't Please Everyone — and Shouldn't Try (Isn't That a Relief?) Everyone has a different personality. There are those you seek out at...